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Graphic support during Classroom Alive Bootcamp in Barcelona

Harvesting a conversion on the future of Classroom Alive, explorine “What is currently working?”, “What are the needs and missing pieces?”, and “What wants to emerge?"


The conversation happened in two sessions of three hours each. Notes were taking on post its and put in groups to merge them.

Later on Kait Ziegler (one of the organisers of the bootcamp) and me made sense out of the different parts and made a red thread.

With this the whole conversation could than be translated in a poster made on paper with markers to display for everyone the next day.

Later on I was asked to give a talk on the importance of outreach before a journey to promote it and ways of harvesting (collecting the key parts of the journey that want to be shared).

The different groups at the bootcamp got different tools and maps to decide what kind of harvest was needed from them.

On the picture one ca see how simple a talk can be structured and presented with the help of graphics.