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Capturing a whole month of learnings

Aktualisiert: 23. Okt 2018

@ "Creating a transformative culture- Ecovillage Design Education" in Switzerland Feb. 2018

The EDE is a one month Practical Community experience where participants get the condensed wisdom of world wide communities and pioneers in order to create a Transformative Culture in the World.

The dense curriculum brings courses addressing the four primary dimensions of human experience –Worldview, Ecological, Social and Economic aspects- leaving often participants at the end of the course with a collage of memories and topics mixed into each-other.

Therefore on the third edition of the program on 2018 I made a landscape of the entire curriculum of the curse, giving participants a visual reminder of what their experience was and the opportunity to share easily what they had learned with their communities back at home.

For this project we had weekly updates from the participants to capture what they found most valuable of their experiences and with this filled up week by week the final and detailed landscape.

More about EDE Glarisegg : https://www.edeglarisegg.info