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A new look for YIPs website, yip.se

The International Youth Initiative Program, YIP, is a societal entrepreneurship training, offering a holistic educational program that promotes an expanded global and personal awareness. YIP aims to strengthen young people’s capacity to take initiative in the face of current global challenges since 2008.

When I attended the course in 2017 the website was outdated. It wasn't responsive (adjusting to the size if the device it was viewed on) and there were lost pages of content that no-one knew how to access anymore.

I got the opportunity to create a new layout and style for the website in a team that had gone through the program themselves and were eager to help people understand visually what the program has to offer.

Together we gave YIP a modern and simple look that is easy to navigate. Have a look at it: yip.se

My tasks were as a Designer, to decide on the layout, colours, provide self made images to support the content and upload the text and images directly on the website.

The team-work with an IT person, great photographers in our community, the support of the organisers and founders of the program and the input of alumni and participants made it possible to create the website that we delivered in the end.

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