Over the past years I've worked for conferences, educational programs and organisations taking visual notes of conversations and their activities. In such dense transformational spaces it can be hard to keep track of the group process and for participants it is mostly impossible to take notes of what is said. Having someone observing form the outside and translating this information into images helps in gaining an overview and simplifying what can sometimes be hardly explained using words only.


The graphic recording takes shape in final posters and landscapes, that can be photographed and used as part of an organisations newsletter or a handout for participants that can easily be shared with others who weren't part of the conversation. Having a medium as universal as imagery helps bringing the learnings of collective and individual experiences out of this exclusive spaces so they can be shared with the world.

Im currently available for commissions either turning notes into hand drawn or digital posters, taking visual notes real time or creating material for a conference or workshop beforehand.

Since my work can easily be photographed or digitalised I can work remotely aswell and support projects globaly.

For questions regarding a price estimation or a project proposal contact me at kristelized.info@gmail.com

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