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Kristel Bodensiek S.

Graphic facilitator and Designer 

My work consists in kristelizing Ideas and abstract concepts into visual language.

First attending a vocational school in Germany introduced me into the world of Graphic design which gave me a ground to start understanding visual language. Later on I could implement the use of markers and other tangible materials to support projects in visualising content for more clarity, under the umbrella of Graphic Facilitation and recording techniques.

Since I lived in Spanish and German speaking countries from a young age, I am fluent in English, Spanish and German and offer my products and workshops in all these languages.

I assisted the Youth Initiative Program (YIP), where I learned important competences that young people with an aspiration to bring a social and ecological change to our society need.

Among others I gained entrepreneurial skills and tools to work cooperatively with other people. We had a training in the Art of Hosting, that provided me the understanding of useful tools to coordinate and facilitate the exchange and learnings within big groups, like the Open Space Technology, World Cafe Technology and other Facilitation Skills and processes . I learned to facilitate these formats and added my graphic facilitation skills to them to make them even more efficient.

In the last 2 years I´ve been supporting various groups and projects with my skills who benefited from the clarity and structure that my work brings into their growing process and organizational development.

I am currently based in Edinburgh - UK but my work allows me to work from the distance or travel within Europe to offer my services.